FIFA World Football Museum

Experience the history of football together with your team at the FIFA World Football Museum Zurich. Explore the world of football and the multifaceted field of top-class sport during your conference, event or meeting.

FIFA World Football Museum – fringe programme and event location

Let football inspire you and your employees. In the unique event location in Zurich you can work out new goals together. As in football, every team in a company has its own strikers, defenders and even its own captain. So just like a team, you also have a variety of characters who are willing to take risks, are passionate about their work, and are passionate about what they do.

In addition to the team, there is also a referee. A neutral person who can lead the team on the right track at the right moment without getting too involved with the team. A person who, like in football, can also hand out a yellow or red card. He shows the limits and checks if the rules are being followed. Together you can then also manage the hard way to the title, whether in sports or in other sectors.

Fringe programme in Zurich

In addition to your conference, plan a fringe programme at the FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich. For example, visit the in-house football cinema with your team. Test your knowledge in a football quiz. Laugh together with ravenous English humour on the British Comedy Tour through the world of football. Or learn more interesting facts about the development of the round leather together.

Ask us now without obligation and experience a successful fringe programme in Zurich together with your team. Because the FIFA World Football Museum is not just a team event for football fans. It is much more, see for yourself!

Fringe programmes

The entire region around Zurich and in particular Zurich Airport offers conference participants a wide variety of fringe programmes. Sometimes fast and loud, sometimes quiet and cosy but always with fun and inspiration. Team events for in between, action-packed adventures or simply entertainment. Experience great activities alongside your conference. Offer your employees and customers a pleasant change from the usual daily routine.

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